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Custom Landscape Design

Here at Green Earth Landscaping, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. This is why when it comes to the design of your landscape project; we offer 3 different options.

  • Option #1: Our salesman and design staff will do a site visit to get an idea of the type of property you have, as well as an understanding of what you envision and the work required.  Following this, our team will then determine a rough budget and create a sketch on site with pricing. This service is at no cost to you.

  • Option #2: A landscape designer, who has a masters degree in Green/Sustainable Landscape Design will do a consultation to see and understand your property  and discuss what you envision and the work required. Following this, our designer will create a preliminary design with pricing from us. Your final design will be a color rendered CAD plan with plantings and all hardscapes detailed.  These services are billed at $110 per hour.

  • Option #3: The 3rd and final option is for Green Earth Landscaping to simply take your existing design, price it, and install it. As this is the simplest of the three, the cost estimate is again, at no cost to you.

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Custom Landscape Design Custom Landscape Design
Custom Landscape Design Custom Landscape Design
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